Sunday, 18 March 2012

March was great, so was Al Simmons

Great Full Moon Cafe this weekend, March 17th. Thanks to all who came out!

Our next Full Moon Cafe is Saturday, April 21, at the Waterways Hall.

7:30 for Drum Circle, 8 p.m. for music.

All Al Simmons photos by Greg Halinda photography

In December we hosted the amazing Al Simmons, who hails from Winnipeg.

He is a master performer, entertaining people of all ages with his humour, puns, great singing, and amazing homemade instruments and hats.

He did two shows in one day, at Ecole Dickinsfield School and Beaconhill. In one day he thrilled over 1000 kids and over 100 adults, and introduced them to high quality kids music.

It was a real thrill to have him here. He's a busy guy, usually on the road, between Canada, the U.S.A. and even Australia. If you're looking for fun music, appropriate for adults and kids, check out his CDs at

Selena Moss fondling Al Simmons' Juno.
She'll soon have one of her own!