About Us

The Full Moon Cafe was begun in 2005 by three dynamic women who saw great talent in our community, and created a warm music coffee house where people of all ages could share and enjoy. It is casually organised by a collective of 5-7 people who share their vision for celebrating the talents of our community.

Each monthly Full Moon Cafe starts off with a half hour drumming circle, where everyone is invited to join in with the contagious and cathartic rhythms. Next there is often a feature artist for 30 minutes. And then there's an open mic for people wanting to share their talents. The performers have ranged in age from 3 (violin) to 75 (accordion) and from professional to newly recorded to trying out the stage for the first time. Music covers all musical styles - folk, country, jazz, blues, bluegrass, rock, classical. We've also had bellydancers and poets. Artists share their photos, paintings, pottery and jewellery. Any family friendly talent is welcome. 

It's a great place to meet and make friends. In a community that has a constant feeling of change, it's a great place to feel at home and feel connected.